Mistrial Declared for Giannelli in Horse Doping Trial

COVID-19 temporarily upended Jan. 24 the federal racehorse doping trial of Dr. Seth Fishman and Lisa Giannelli, who are among the 27 defendants in a case involving the use and distribution of misbranded and adulterated drugs for the purpose of enhancing performance. As the trial’s second week began, testimony was delayed after it was revealed … Read more

Mainewhile: The future for Maine farms could include happy trails and horses

Small family farms are a huge part of what makes Maine special. Farms provide jobs, drive local economies, maintain cultural connections and keep land open. More importantly, last year when the supply chain broke down and supermarket shelves were empty, our small farms literally kept us fed. Brunswick resident Heather D. Martin wants to know … Read more

A stable fire breaks out in Connecticut

No horses were injured when a two-alarm stable fire broke out on the grounds of a private residence in Fairfield County. The fire broke out around 5 a.m., Monday, Jan. 24, in New Canaan, Silvermine street. When firefighters arrived at the scene the third building was found with a grass house completely engulfed in flames, … Read more

SS Horse without running 2

SS Horse without running 2 Three men on the elk search rode on horseback to haul a hill below the stream in search of an ox they had seen. And two hunters on horseback, then one guide on horseback. They left in the evening, about four o’clock to go in the evening. We just sat … Read more

Carson River Subconservancy District launches dog litter campaign to protect water

Not only does unclean animal waste contaminate your shoes – it can contaminate streams, creeks and lakes. And the Carson River Subconservancy District is announcing that the owner is responsible for taking the doody of their animal. “One dog is not many; it’s a cumulative problem, “said Shane Fryer, drainage project manager for the Carson … Read more

Rescue teams need homes for ‘pocket pets’

BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Animal advocates told News 8 that people are threatening to leave their animals outside in the cold because the houses are full. Many rescue teams are cracking down on pets with what they call “pocket pets.” These are small animals that live in cages such as pigs, hamsters, rats and rabbits. … Read more

Every Cat Has its Own Personality, Here Top 5 Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

Stereotypes about cats and their personalities abound – Calicos are exuberant, Orange Tabbys are laid back. The Cat Fanciers’ Association has even drawn up a personality chart for the breed. The problem with stereotypes is that when you examine an individual, they tend to be wrong as often as they are right. Enter the science. … Read more