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I I have recently improved my living arrangement from a flat with an attic but no garden to a house with a garden but no attic. Unfortunately, in London I have the perfect setting of a house with an attic a The cost of a garden is around £ 28m, but moving to a place without putting it in a loft is the one that will force me to face a dilemma that plagues me. years – what do I do with my old football programs.

The attic should be easier to clean than to make a big move. I have no idea about the Nutribullet my brother-in-law bought me three years ago, I was happy to throw in the mosaic-tile glass given to my friend by his best friend as a gift. 30 days of birth in an unused stream. and I can live without the Christmas decorations. But throwing away hundreds of worthless football projects from games I’ve attended since I was a kid is even harder. If I hadn’t gone around buying a ticket for the Wales v Jamaica friendly match against Wales v Jamaica at Ninian Park in March 1998 would I have regretted it? No, of course not.

I would have been angry at my youth if I had bought the program at night, watched Merthyr -born defender Steve Jenkins weigh 78kg and then was arrested when I left the world, after playing a game. fun but no box? No, that’s what ordinary people do with these things. But in 2022, with the new building limit and tough decisions to be made, can I throw it away? No, that’s not the question, because holding that special program for so long would take 24 years, which means I’m a true fan of football history.

It’s a serious problem, even though earlier this season my Swansea City team announced that only digital matchday programs will be available on your phone for free. But it doesn’t solve the problem of what to do with what I have.

The apps are on sale in Hillsborough for a game between Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea in 2019. Swansea’s home games currently have computer apps only.
The apps are on sale in Hillsborough for a game between Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea in 2019. Swansea’s home games currently have computer apps only. Photo: Athena Pictures/Getty Images

The ones from 2002-03, of course, I like them, we are about to be released from the Football League, it’s a reminder of the life they give! How about the years of our Premier League, where I began to gather the impression that our stay on the top flight of England was short? Well, when you start to think like the end of 40 games from the games against Southampton you don’t remember going, you can’t throw them away if Swansea don’t taste good again. life in the highlands.

And then of course there are projects from games that have been made before I was born – a good FA Cup semi-final against Preston at Villa Park in March 1964 was obviously going into a picture, but the full set of 1977-78 matches was bought for me at a car dealership by the mother of best friend? Yes, they need to be arrested… but I know everyone is in the ad: “Coal: A Big Industry With A Big Future” on the back page where they make papers for society and football history , so yes – they are going to a new house. Maybe my son can finish his Duplo or maybe my daughter can rethink his car.

When I first started going to football games, it was a routine, a big event, and buying a memorial program was a big part of the day. In the past on the site, they also served as a reference guide, giving the last word to some argument: “DO YOU LOOK? HA’A’I MAI Mark Pembridge is the latest in a long line of South Walian football to be seen by Luton scout Cyril Beech and Dean Saunders who is 5ft 8!

The projects are memories from my first experiences of going to live sports, games that will never be forgotten despite what happened on the pitch. But when you’ve gone hundreds and you’re an adult with a car, an advertising box in the kitchen and the mouth of a controversy plaque, have the latest things gone unnoticed? Marie Kondo? Looking at my schedule for West Bromwich Albion v Swansea City from 2 February 2016 “happy?” However, while opening the page without a hitch, seeing the phrase “the Premier League scores were recorded in this battle between 14th and 15th” made my heart beat a little. What I do in taking care of them is to take care of their happiness for the future. 2016 is the latest, but as I’ve been holding it for a long time, Tony Pulis urging the Baggies to “go after the kids” is seen to me as a summary of what director Bo Karlsson, described in the program for Wales. v Germany in June 1991 as a “real life bank card”.

I was playing at Salford Lowry just before Christmas, and a kind listener added to my collection by leaving some 1960s Llanelli RFC projects at the stadium door. Unlike my father I was not a football player, and in recent years his memory has been erased by Parkinson’s disease. As we looked at this wealth of lineups from Llanelli’s golden age, as well as some unnamed advertisements (“Do You Need Tires? Visit Llanelli Tires”), my father pointed out that a lackluster effort, if it is impossible to remember every player who searched. outside for his native society in his youth. The simple words of the episode “Llanelli Players On The Injury List” evoked excitement in both of us (example: “John Lugg: HAND STILL IN PLASTER”), however, these notes were turned upside down. Not in the past. I can see why some companies moved this thing online. Printed projects were as well known as pre -printed printers. But there are some things you can’t do with a program.

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