Recipe won the “Most Innovative” award in the national competition

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Taste of Home magazine has announced the winners of its “Recipes Across America” competition, with local food writer Laura Kurella among the winners.

Receiving the “Most Innovative” award for developing a unique Japanese flavor featuring Michigan cherries, Kurella said she was thrilled to hear the news.

“I was excited to hear that my Michigan diet won,” Kurella said. “I got a bunch of new cherries from the farm market and I’m experimenting with Japanese food, so they kismet together into a winning combination.”

TOH Hope Culinary Editor James Schend said their “Recipes Across America” competition is designed to explore unique and fun flavors in some parts of the US.

“In total we had 350 coaches in this competition. Kurella’s diet was different to us because we liked the lightness and aroma of this cheesecake. It was like a souffle to his body. It didn’t taste very good and had a good lemon flavor, and we were happy too, ”he said.

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