NFL DFS, 2022 Super Bowl: Top DraftKings, Daily FanDuel Fantasy football picks, lineups for Rams vs. Bengals

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The 2022 NFL games have been reduced to two teams, with the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams competing in the 2022 Super Bowl. That means a limited number of players to choose from when planning. to your NFL DFS lines this week. It’s more important than making smart decisions with your NFL DFS options. Who are the NFL DFS stacks that can split your lines?

Nothing has been better than Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp this season, as Kupp has led the NFL in scoring yards. However, will his campaign against a stingy Cincinnati defense continue? Before making your NFL DFS selection for Super Bowl 56 on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel, be sure to check out the NFL DFS advice, promotions and promotions from SportsLine Daily Fantasy lawyer Mike McClure.

McClure is a top DFS player with nearly $ 2 million in winnings. His work style has led to huge money at FanDuel and DraftKings. He took two top contests at FanDuel in 2020 and recorded a top-10 finish in contests with 130,000 participants at DraftKings. His lineups also finished in 1 percent higher than the other ten competitions last year.

He uses a powerful prediction model to compare every stage of NFL action, taking into account things like matchups, score types and injuries. This allows him to see the best NFL DFS assets he shares with members on SportsLine.

Now, McClure has turned his attention to Super Bowl LVI and holds his high profile of everyday Fantasy football. You can find them by heading to SportsLine.

The highest NFL DFS picks for the 2022 Super Bowl

One of McClure’s top NFL DFS picks for Super Bowl LVI is Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. Cincinnati looked to end last week’s time in the AFC tournament, but Burrow made a comeback after falling behind 21-3. He finished on 23 of 38 yards for 250 yards and two yards in a 27-24 overtime victory. Burrow will be the first quarterback to be taken with the No. 1 overall to make the Super Bowl during his two years as the Lions.

He won on the big field in his football career, leading LSU to a College Football Playoff National Championship in 2019. While it may be his first Super Bowl appearance, Burrow is unlikely to be charged this time. He continues to have big wins with wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, providing an exciting competitive opportunity for DFS players.

Another part of McClure’s excellent NFL DFS campaign was the signing of Rams quarterback Cooper Kupp. That’s probably the least important of all when it comes to compiling NFL DFS lineups for the big game. After following the lion’s share of scoring yards once this year, Kupp is one of the top contenders to finish as the 2022 Super Bowl MVP. The numbers he needs to work up to be translated into a mammoth Fantasy work.

Kupp is on the field for every Rams offense in the 2022 NFL playoffs and has scored 20 of his 25 goals over the last two games in Los Angeles. He surpassed Edelman’s MVP scores in two games and took three strikeouts. Kupp’s tracks ended in an NFC Championship match against Tennessee’s AJ Brown in the Bengals’ district win, where Brown finished with five touchdowns for 142 yards and a touchdown.

How to set NFL DFS lines for Super Bowl 56

McClure points to undervalued players who are set to explode for big numbers on Super Bowl Sunday. These options can make the difference between winning your tournaments and gambling games or at home or not. You can see who they are here.

So who is Mike McClure putting together his best NFL DFS lines for the 2022 Super Bowl? Visit SportsLine now to see the best NFL DFS picks, standings, tips, and teams, everything from a daily Fantasy to a daily with nearly $ 2 million in winnings , and see.

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